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Amsterdam to Basel
(Passports Required For Travel)

Explore castles & cathedrals

Overlook the Rhine from Germany’s best preserved medieval castle. Discover the various culinary traditions of Alsace. Explore the Black Forest and visit a local workshop to see a cuckoo clock-making demonstration. Turreted fortresses, grand cathedrals, historic cities, medieval towns and spectacular scenery of the Middle Rhine—little wonder that the Rhine is one of Europe’s best-loved rivers. From Amsterdam and Cologne to Basel, this 8-day journey reveals a rich landscape of beauty and culture.

Day by Day

Day 1- Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Capital of The Netherlands, Amsterdam

 is renowned for its museums, colorful

 gardens, abundance of bicycles and

endless lattice of canals.

Day 2- Kinderdijk, The Netherlands

The South Holland village community

of Kinderdijk includes a set of 19

windmills and other ingenious

 technologies built in the 18th century

 to control flooding.


Day 3- Cologne, Germany

An intriguing mix of old and new, Cologne

 reveals its Roman heritage in the city layout

 and ancient ruins that lie scattered through

the town.

Day 4- Koblenz, Germany

On a breathtaking stretch of the Rhine that

 leads from medieval Koblenz to Braubach to

Rüdesheim, the 11th-century Marksburg

Castle towers over the river.

Day 5-Heidelberg, Germany

Germany’s oldest university town, Heidelberg

 and its castle are situated in the Neckar Valley just east of the Rhine.

Day 6-Strasbourg, France

Thanks to its location at the border of France

 and Germany, Strasbourg boasts a convivial

 mix of cultural influences.

Day 7- Breisach, Germany

Breisach is located in one of the warmest parts of Germany, next to Alsace, which is famous for its wine-growing.

Day 8- Basel, Switzerland

Located along the Rhine River, Basel sits at the point where French, German and Swiss

borders meet, marking the gateway to the

Swiss Rhineland.

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