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Dublin, Ireland



9-Oct-24Billings, MT (BIL) to Salt Lake City, UT (SLC)
6:40 PM - 8:15 PM
Aircraft: Embraer 175 V/Main Cabin Stops: 0

9-Oct-24Salt Lake City, UT (SLC) to Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS)
DL9399 - Operated by KLM ROYAL DUTCH AIRL
9:00 PM - 2:25 PM +1 Day
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200 V/Main Cabin Stops: 0

10-Oct-24Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) to Dublin, Ireland (DUB)
DL9590 - Operated by KLM CITYHOPPER
4:00 PM - 4:40 PM
Aircraft: Unspecified V/Main Cabin Stops: 0

16-Oct-24Dublin, Ireland (DUB) to Boston, MA (BOS)
DL0155 1:15 PM - 3:40 PM
Aircraft: Boeing 767-300(wingl V/Main Cabin Stops: 0

16-Oct-24Boston, MA (BOS) to Salt Lake City, UT (SLC)
DL0445 6:25 PM - 9:58 PM
Aircraft: Unspecified V/Main Cabin Stops: 0

16-Oct-24Salt Lake City, UT (SLC) to Billings, MT (BIL)
DL1724 10:55 PM - 12:17 AM +1 Day
Aircraft: Airbus A320 V/Main Cabin Stops: 0


check in 10OCT23 and check out 16OCT23

Moxy Dublin City Standard Room, 1 Queen Bed
Number of nights: 6


Total Price for two: $3,578.58

Note: This itinerary is not confirmed and is provided for information only. Prices and product availability are not guaranteed and are subject to change. Contact Chris Hall Travel to check current prices and inventory or to confirm your purchase.

This destination requires a valid passport.


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